Classroom Fundraisers
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Across Canada, we hear incredible stories of schools that bring environmental education into the classroom and inspire students to take action to protect wildlife and wild places.

You can connect your classroom to nature while supporting WWF-Canada’s work to protect wildlife the natural spaces they call home. Across the country, schools have raised thousands of dollars for WWF-Canada to combat climate change, protect the Arctic home of species such as polar bears and caribou, and restore decimated Atlantic cod populations.

Every dollar makes a difference.

From student bake sales to toonie book swaps and assembly presentations, students are using the support of their teachers to create awareness about conservation issues and raise money for WWF-Canada’s work to protect wildlife and wild places. Join them and join us.

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Classroom fundraiser ideas

Book sales

Ask students and staff to sell used books and donate the proceeds to WWF-Canada. Distribute information about WWF and the critical conservation work you’re supporting.

Create a cookbook

Ask students and staff to share their favourite sustainable recipes. Put together a cookbook and sell it to raise funds for conservation. Think of fun wildlife themed recipes or feature local foods.

Art exhibitions

Have students create their own masterpieces showcasing wildlife and wild places, then present them in an art show. Parents and friends can buy the artwork to support WWF-Canada.

Car washes

Get your class or school together for a local car wash with proceeds going toward WWF-Canada’s conservation work. This works well for both elementary and high school students.

Change drive

Host a change drive by asking students to collect spare coins to support wildlife and conservation. Reward students with a pajama day, extra recess time or front-of-the-line passes at the cafeteria.

Talent shows

Organize a wildlife inspired talent show, concert, educational presentation or other form of expression. Ticket sales will support WWF-Canada.

Bake sales and lemonade stands

Host a bake sale or lemonade stand at your school and donate the proceeds to WWF-Canada’s efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats. Attach the bake sale to another school event, like a concert or parent-teacher night to reach more people.

Fundraising resources

Whether you are fundraising online, or prefer to fundraise in person and on paper, we have the tools you need. Download our fundraising event resources kit here. Or, contact us at 1-800-26-PANDA (72632) or to request a free resource kit be sent to you in the mail. The kit includes: