Wear It Wild
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There is no way to dress up the fact that wildlife are in trouble. Half the Canadian wildlife populations we studied suffered declines between 1970 and 2014. Globally, the average decline was 58 per cent.

In order to stop this scary trend, we need to act now. Mark the spookiest month of the year by raising funds for wildlife with Wear it Wild. Throw a wild party. Dress up with your friends, family, colleagues and classmates in your fiercest animal costumes and roar into action to by raising funds for wildlife and wild places.”

Lone wolf? One can make all the difference.

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Wear It Wild ideas

At School

Inspire students to protect wildlife by holding a bake sale, a nature movie screening or animal mask making competition. Download our fundraising guide for tips to help you get started.

At Work

Spice up dress-down day with animal print or host a costume competition to raise funds for wildlife conservation. Download our fundraising guide for more ideas and to learn how your efforts make a difference for our planet.

At Home

Swap clothing and Halloween costumes and donate the money you save to protect wildlife. If you’re a party animal, turn your swap into a get-together where guests can pay to not play games like charades or for first dibs on the perfect print. For more party game ideas, download our fundraising guide.

Fundraising resources

Whether you are fundraising online, or prefer to fundraise in person and on paper, we have the tools you need. Download our fundraising event resources kit here. Or, contact us at 1-800-26-PANDA (72632) or ca-panda@wwfcanada.org to request a free resource kit be sent to you in the mail. The kit includes: