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CN Tower Climb for Nature is back!

2 Days | 1,776 Steps | 1 goal

Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16, 2023

After three years in hibernation, WWF-Canada’s CN Tower Climb for Nature is back! We’re celebrating 31 years of coming together to reach remarkable heights for nature and wildlife. Right now, humanity is on a seemingly irreversible course. With climate change impacts increasing and a million species worldwide at risk of extinction, the need for the climb is greater than ever. Climbing the CN Tower is a rare and exhilarating opportunity to help WWF-Canada reverse the course our planet is on by taking 1,776 meaningful steps towards a brighter future where nature and wildlife thrive.


After careful consideration of ongoing public health concerns, WWF-Canada and our event partners have made the decision to restrict participation in the 2023 CN Tower Climb for Nature to climbers aged 16 and over on the day of the event (April 15 and 16, 2023).

Register today to climb, enjoy a breathtaking view of Toronto at the top, recognize your ambitious accomplishment, and take pride in knowing you are playing an active part in choosing a different future for wildlife and the planet.

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There is a registration fee of $25 and minimum fundraising amount of $125 to climb. Every dollar you raise and every step you take is a step forward for nature. You can register to climb as an individual or with a team of colleagues, students or friends. For an extra challenge you can take on the Elite Climb to compete for the fastest time.

Whether this is your first time climbing, or your fifth, or tenth, the rush of pride and feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is the same.

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Create a team with friends, students or colleagues. Step up for nature together.

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Train for your fastest climb time yet while there's still time to reverse nature loss and fight climate change.

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Wildlife populations in Canada are in decline. When you climb the 1,776 steps of the CN Tower, you are helping wildlife numbers climb too.

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By crossing the finish line, you can help ensure humanity doesn't cross the invisible line that unlocks a future that is four degrees warmer.

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All funds raised will support WWF-Canada’s efforts to fight biodiversity loss and climate change and Regenerate Canada.

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      Funds raised will support our ambitious 10-year plan to Regenerate Canada and build a future with abundant wildlife, where nature and people thrive.


      1 Million


      Restore at least one million hectares, regenerating lost complex ecosystems that provide essential wildlife habitat and sequester carbon in nature.


      100 Million


      Steward at least 100 million hectares of vital ecosystems for wildlife and communities.

      Reduce Carbon

      30 Million Tonnes

      Reduce carbon emissions by 30 million tonnes by restoring carbon-rich habitats and protecting current carbon stores.

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