Polar Dip 2017
Ⓒ Staffan Widstrand / WWF


The Canadian Arctic contains some of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. These regions are home to incredible species like polar bear, narwhal and caribou, which are essential to the health, culture and economic sustainability of Inuit.

However, climate change is causing the Arctic to warm twice as fast as the global average. Sea ice, a vital piece of the northern ecosystem, is rapidly melting, opening the door for increased shipping and resource development. Though beneficial for Arctic communities, we must ensure these activities are carried out in a way that does not place added pressure on the health of wildlife populations, and the people that depend on them.

That’s why we need your help.

Thank you to everyone who took the chilly plunge this February in support of WWF’s Arctic conservation work. With your support, we raised over $30,000 (and counting)! Couldn't make the event? Check out our Polar Dip video to see what you missed.

Can’t wait to see you next year!

Ⓒ naturepl.com / Steven Kazlowski / WWF

Why Join the Dip?

By taking the plunge, you are supporting WWF’s goal to ensure that this region – including wildlife, and the people who depend on healthy wildlife populations – is able to adapt to a changing climate. Learn More about what WWF is doing in the Arctic here.

The Polar Dip is also a fun team-building activity, and great chance for you and your colleagues to do something really daring, get that adrenaline pumping and cross it off your bucket list!

Ⓒ Jon Aars/ Norwegian Polar Institute / WWF-Canon

Five Tips for a Successful Dip

Looking to make the most out of your polar dip? Here are five tips to help you do just that:

Get Senior Leadership Support: Ask one or more members of your senior leadership team if they can send out an e-mail or make an announcement about the Polar Dip. Perhaps they can commit to taking the plunge themselves! Another great way to get them involved is by encouraging them to join WWF’s Spring Things Leadership Committee.

Set a Goal: How many polar dippers do you want to get on your team this year or how much are you trying to raise? Set a goal, and state it in all of your communications. For example: "We need 25 employees to give $25 by February 25th to reach our goal!"

Communicate Early: Start your communications and planning as early as possible. That will give you more time to spread the word and reach your participation and fundraising goals. Check out the sample communications resource below for ideas and inspiration.

Use Many Channels:Use a variety of communications channels to promote your Polar Dip. Examples include sending e-mails, mentioning it at an all-staff meeting, including it in a monthly newsletter, using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or creating an e-mail signature. You can also share this awesome video of last year’s Polar Dip!

Extend the Invitation: Feel free to invite anyone in your network to join the Polar Dip, whether it's suppliers, clients, friends or family. All are welcome to join in on the fun!

Polar Dip resources

We've got all the tools you need to rally your colleagues and fundraise for our Polar Dip.

Download our fundraising event resources below to get started.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Polar Dip, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Living Planet @ Work Team by sending an e-mail to LivingPlanetAtWork@wwfcanada.org