River Quest Canoe Challenge 2017
Ⓒ Riccardo Cellere / WWF-Canada


Canada is among the world’s most water wealthy nations. However, the health of many of our country’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands are at risk from increased food production, electricity generation, industrial development and quenching the thirst of expanding cities. This has caused a silent crash for freshwater populations around the world, and is creating significant risks to our economies, communities and all life that depends on freshwater to survive.

To build resilient environments, communities and economies for the future, we need to take action to ensure there is enough healthy water flowing in our lakes and rivers for nature’s needs. How can you help? Join us in WWF-Canada’s River Quest Corporate Canoe Challenge!


Rally a team of your co-workers to raise funds for WWF's freshwater conservation work and have FUN doing it! At WWF’s Corporate Canoe Challenge, you'll be paddling down the river in a friendly competition with other corporate teams, striving to be the first team to complete a nature-based scavenger hunt at Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles.

TUESDAY, June 14

© Roger Hallett / WWF-Canada

Why Paddle?

By gathering a team for the River Quest Canoe challenge, you’ll be supporting WWF-Canada’s critical work to monitor and protect the health of Canada’s freshwater resources. Learn More.

The Canoe Challenge is also an incredible team-building opportunity for your workplace, and a great way to learn more about freshwater conservation.

© Caroline Lauzon / WWF-Canada

Five Tips For Your Canoe Challenge

Looking to make the most out of your Canoe Challenge? Here are five tips to help you do just that:

Get Senior Leadership Support: Ask one or more members of your senior leadership team if they can reach out to employees about taking the River Quest Canoe Challenge. Perhaps they can even join your team in paddling for nature! Another great way to get them involved is by encouraging them to join WWF’s Spring Things Leadership Committee.

Set a Creative Goal: How many paddlers do you want on your team this year? What’s your fundraising target? Set these goals and state them in all of your communications. Don’t be afraid to get creative! For example, a fundraising goal could be: “Our goal is to double the length of the St. Lawrence River in dollars!” Let's raise $2,394— that's equivalent to $2 for every kilometer of the St. Lawrence.

Communicate Early: Start your communications and planning as early as possible. That will give you more time to spread the word and reach your participation and fundraising goals. Check out the sample communications resource below for ideas and inspiration.

Boost Awareness: Use a variety of communications channels to promote your Canoe Challenge. Examples include sending e-mails, mentioning it at a town hall or all-staff meeting, putting it on your Intranet page, including it in a monthly newsletter, using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or creating an e-mail signature.

Extend the Invitation: Feel free to invite anyone in your network to join your canoe team - whether it's suppliers, clients, friends or family. All are welcome to participate in this fun race on land and water.

2017 Fundraising Resources

We've got all the tools you need to rally your colleagues and fundraise for the River Quest Canoe Challenge. Download our fundraising event resources below to get started.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the River Quest Canoe Challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Living Planet @ Work Team by sending an e-mail to LivingPlanetAtWork@wwfcanada.org