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The Smart Office Challenge

Tap into the power of green IT
Mobilize your colleagues
Reduce your office’s energy and waste impact
Become an environmental leader

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Take the Smart Office Challenge

Whether you're an intern or manager; a new or seasoned employee, if you're passionate about sustainability, you can lead a Smart Office Challenge. WWF-Canada's Smart Office Challenge is a fun way to engage your colleagues in shrinking your office's IT-related environmental impact.

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A critical time for our planet

As Canadians, it's easy to assume that shocking figures of wildlife loss don't apply here in Canada. Ours, after all, is a country of abundant freshwater and wide open spaces. However, the results from our Living Planet Report Canada tell us a different story. From 1970 to 2014, 50 per cent of monitored wildlife species in Canada declined in abundance. This dramatic decline is driven by stressors such as habitat loss, pollution, overexploitation and climate change.

As a nation, solving this problem requires action from all corners of society — from communities, government, industry, all of us.

What you can do

Your workplace is a part of this collective and has an important role to play in reversing the decline in wildlife in Canada.

As an employee who cares about nature, you can lead the way. By raising sustainability awareness and mobilizing your colleagues, you can reduce your company's impact on the environment for wildlife and the places they call home.

WWF-Canada and HP Canada created the Smart Office Challenge to help you raise sustainability literacy and influence environmental decision-making around an important business function:

Why Participate?

By completing a Smart Office Challenge with your workplace, you will:

  • Receive a Smart Office Challenge certificate of recognition signed by WWF-Canada's president & CEO, Megan Leslie, and HP Canada's Head of Sustainability, Frances Edmonds
  • Develop and enhance key skills that you can put on your résumé
  • Help your company reduce waste, conserve energy and save money through opportunities associated with Green IT
  • Bring a heightened sense of social purpose to your role at work
  • Become the leader that brings IT-related efficiencies and solutions to light within your organization
  • Have fun with your colleagues

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Megan Leslie
President & CEO of WWF-Canada

The Smart Office Challenge is an exciting way for sustainability champions to take action for a cause that truly matters to them making it a win-win for business and the planet"

Frances Edmonds
Head of Sustainability at HP Canada

The Smart Office Challenge brings together IT professionals, employees and sustainability champions in a fun and meaningful way while driving financial savings and environmental impact reductions at work. What's not to love about this program?"

Your Smart Office Challenge journey in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Get your Smart Office Challenge package

We'll send you a package with the tips, tools and resources you'll need to complete the Smart Office Challenge.

Step 2

Host a Green IT activity

Choose one of the four activities below or create your own green IT initiative at your workplace.

Your Smart Office Challenge package is equipped with great ideas to help you every step of the way.


Print responsibly

Power button

Power down

Recycle icon on hand

Host an E-Waste drive


Office scavenger hunt

Details on how to organize these activities is included in your Smart Office Challenge package.

Step 3

Complete the Green IT checklist

This is a quick and easy tool to complete with your IT team to help highlight opportunities to reduce waste, conserve energy and save your company money.

That's all it takes.

Embark on your Smart Office Challenge journey today!


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