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Take the Smart Office Challenge to help you raise sustainability literacy and influence environmental decision-making around a critical business function: Information Technology (IT). Take the Smart Office Challenge in 3 steps.

Biodiversity and business. What's the link?

We share our planet with millions of different species. This huge variety of plants and animals, also known as biodiversity, provides us with food, drinking water, clean air, medicines and shelter. Biodiversity is our safety net.

However, pressures from climate change, pollution and overexploitation of resources are continuing to cause biodiversity loss across the country. In fact, 50 per cent of Canada’s species are in decline.

Why should businesses care?

Biodiversity loss and environmental degradation can lead to significant business risks related to resource scarcity, price volatility and rising costs from natural disasters. However, contributing to the solution can create business opportunities through cost-savings, driving revenue and improving brand reputation. Learn more about the business case for sustainability.

Take the first step with the Smart Office Challenge

The Smart Office Challenge provides guidance and ideas to help your company take strides for the good of the planet by helping you tackle an area that everyone utilizes: IT.

This campaign will help your company reduce waste, conserve energy and save money by encouraging organization-wide behaviour changes through fun challenges and competitions.

As a sustainability champion, leading a Smart Office Challenge will not only help you bring a heightened sense of environmental purpose to your role, but it will help you develop key skills and experience that you can put on your resumé including a certificate of recognition signed by WWF-Canada's president & CEO and HP Canada's Head of Sustainability.

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Get Started in 3 easy steps

Here’s how to complete your Smart Office Challenge:

Step 1

Sign up to receive the toolkit containing ideas and resources to help you organize a Smart Office Challenge.

Step 2

Host a Green IT activity. Select a green-IT related activity to host in your workplace. Use the ideas listed below for inspiration (see toolkit for details on how to organize each of these events).


Printing responsibly

Power button

Powering down

Recycle icon on hand

Hosting an e-Waste drive

Two people chatting at a table with an empty cartoon caption bubble above their heads.

Hosting a trivia lunch

Go the extra mile.

Complete this comprehensive checklist with your IT team to help highlight opportunities to reduce waste, conserve energy and save your company money.

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Megan Leslie
President & CEO of WWF-Canada

The Smart Office Challenge is an exciting way for sustainability champions to take action for a cause that truly matters to them making it a win-win for business and the planet"

Frances Edmonds
Head of Sustainability at HP Canada

The Smart Office Challenge brings together IT professionals, employees and sustainability champions in a fun and meaningful way while driving financial savings and environmental impact reductions at work. What's not to love about this program?"


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